Permit Controlled Parking Zones


We are in the process of changing the residential parking scheme.  From 1st October 2016 each zone will transition into the new permit scheme on the renewal date. Details of the new scheme are here.  You can find out when your street will change to the new scheme here

For example, if you live in Brook Street your current permit will expire on 31st January.  So, until then, you will come under the current scheme (as outlined below).  But from 31st January onwards you become part of the new scheme

Hartlepool Borough Council is responsible for the enforcement of a number of on-street permit controlled zones between 8am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday with the exception of zones at Seaton Carew which are controlled 8am - 8pm 7 days a week. Residents and regular visitors may apply for permits to park within these zones.

There are 3 types of permit available:

  • Resident Permits - permits are for residents of the property and each householder can have as many permits as needed (please note that each permit will attract a payment).
  • Open Permits - only one permit allowed per household and should be used for visitors to the property for short stays.
  • Visitor Permits - residents may apply for permits for regular visitors to their property.

The cost of permits is now on an incremental scale, as follows:


  • 1st permit £15.00
  • 2nd permit £25.00
  • 3rd permit £40.00
  • 4th (and any subsequent permits) £40.00 each 


For more information or to apply for a permit please contact the Customer Service Team on 01429 523331. 

Business and Commuter

A limited number of Business Parking spaces are available for the exclusive use of businesses at a cost of £350.00 per annum.  For more information about the permits and availability, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01429 523331.

Season tickets for several long-stay car parks are also available to commuters at a cost of £350.00 per annum.  For more information please telephone 01429 523366.