Homeless or at risk

Homelessness covers a wide range of circumstances from being 'roofless' to being without a home of your own; many 'homeless' people are living with families or friends in temporary or inappropriate accommodation.  If you are homeless or think you may become homeless in the near future, we can give you advice about your rights and the housing options available to you.

The Housing Advice Team carry out the Council's duties under the homelessness legislation and will assess your circumstances to establish if we have a legal duty to find you a secure home.  Only certain people can be given a priority for rehousing under the current homelessness rules, however our aim is to prevent homelessness wherever possible and if you we can't accept your homeless application we will still provide you with advice and information to help you find or keep your home.

For more detailed advice please contact the Housing Advice Team at the Civic Centre.


Out of office hours - For emergency situations only telephone 01429 266522 Option 1, then Option 2.