Fly Tipping

You can report incidents of fly tipping by using our online form below:

Report Fly Tipping

Alternatively, telephone the Customer Service Centre on 01429 523333, giving as much detail as you can, for example:

  • What's been dumped
  • Description of the offender
  • Make, model and registration of any vehicle involved (if known)
  • We aim to remove fly-tipped rubbish from public land as quickly as possible once investigations have been completed. The Council actively pursues and prosecutes fly-tippers and there have been a number of successful prosecutions against offenders. 

    Information for Householders

    Householders are now included in the Duty of Care Legislation, which businesses have always had to comply with. Residents are expected to take 'reasonable' steps to ensure their waste goes to a registered person.

    Householders should ask the following of anyone they get to remove waste (e.g. old kitchen units, furniture, black bags, garden waste, etc:

  • Request name/address of the person moving the waste
  • Make a note of the vehicle make/model/registration plate number
  • Ask to see their carriers registration document
  • Keep a record of their contact details 

    Prosecutions for Fly Tipping

    The Council has instigated a number of successful prosecutions for fly tipping, involving individuals and companies.  We continue to be very pro-active in this field and believe the publicity gained from successful court action acts as a deterrent.

    Under new powers, the Council can check a waste carrier's documentation, as required under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care). Previously this was only done by the Environment Agency.

    This helps by tackling those individuals who illegally transport controlled wastes as such material is often found fly tipped.

    Anyone prosecuted for fly tipping could receive a fine of up to £50,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment.

    Businesses and householders can contact the Environment Agency on 0845 603 3113 to check if the person carrying their waste is registered.