Abandoned, Untaxed or Nuisance Vehicles

Complete our online form below to report an untaxed or abandoned vehicle.

Report an untaxed or abandoned vehicle

Alternatively you can make a report by telephoning the Customer Service Centre on 01429 523333 

To report a nuisance vehicle telephone the Customer Service Centre on 01429 523333

Vehicles found on the highway which have been abandoned or found to be untaxed will be removed by the Council's enforcement section and authorisation will be sought from the DVLA for disposal, this usually means that the vehicle will be crushed.

If an untaxed vehicle is removed from the highway, release fees and storage fees will apply to claim the vehicle back.  A surety is also payable, which is refundable on production of a valid tax disc (time limit applies).

If a vehicle is not claimed, permission is sought from the DVLA to destroy it. 

Notice of Seizure of Vehicle Under the Control of Waste (Dealing with Seized Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015

Vehicles removed using powers of seizure under Section 5 of the Control of Pollution Amendment act 1989, or Section 34B of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, are listed in the table below for 15 days following seizure:

Vehicle Registration Mark  Make  Model  Location Seized From  Expiry of Notice

Reclaiming a Seized Vehicle

The vehicle owner must bring the vehicle registration document (commonly known as the 'log book' or VQ5 document) and identification in to Customer Services at Hartlepool Civic Centre before the expiry of the 15-day notice of seizure.  Following verification of ownership, and where there are no grounds for retaining the vehicle for a longer period, a Notice of Determination will be issued and the vehicle will be returned within 10 days.

If there are grounds to retain the vehicle for longer than 15 days this will be stated in the Notice of Determination.  Grounds for retaining a vehicle include where proceedings have begun to forfeit the vehicle, or where the waste authority is still investigating for such an offence.