For litter or any other cleansing problems:

Report It Online

Alternatively, telephone Customer Services on 01429 523333 with as much detail as possible. 

Our Cleansing Teams can clear rubbish from private properties or land owned by other organisations by prior arrangement for an agreed charge.  Annual contracts can also be agreed.  For further information contact Customer Services on the number above.

Fixed Penalty Notices

If you are caught dropping and leaving litter in Hartlepool you can expect to face a fixed penalty notice of £75. If you pay within 7 days of the Fixed Penalty Notice being issued you can pay a discounted charge of £50. If you choose not to pay then the case will be taken to court and you could face a fine, on conviction, of up to £2,500.

Cigarette Litter

In Hartlepool one of the most commonly dropped items of litter are cigarette ends. Not only do these look unsightly but they can take up to 10 years to decompose. Many people discard cigarette litter without realising that they are committing an offence, but if you are caught dropping and leaving any type of litter you can expect to receive a fixed penalty notice of £75. You should never drop cigarette ends down the drain.