Council to install new dog waste bag dispensers

Published Thursday, 22nd March 2018

HARTLEPOOL Borough Council has announced plans to install 40 free dog waste bag dispensers at key locations across the town.

Working in partnership with a company called TiksPac, the dispensers will be installed at zero cost to the Council.

TiksPac is an innovative environmental concept whereby stations for the free distribution of dog waste bags are sponsored by businesses which have their logo on display.

Hartlepool’s dispensers were identified within the Clean and Green Strategy which sets out the Council’s vision for clean and well maintained streets, parks, other green spaces and highways.

Councillor Dave Hunter, Chair of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee, said: “I’m delighted we are able to install 40 dog waste bag dispensers throughout the town.

“No community should have to put up with streets and green spaces polluted with dog fouling and these dispensers will help residents work alongside us to tackle dog fouling.”

Installation of the dispensers began yesterday (Wednesday 21 March) when two stations were place in Rossmere Park.

One of the new dog waste bad dispensers

One of the new dog waste bag dispensers

The three Councillors for the Fens and Rossmere Ward are delighted with the development.

Councillor Alan Clark said: “Dog mess is unsightly, messy and even a potential health hazard so I’m delighted to see two new dog waste bag dispensers being installed at Rossmere Park.

“With these dispensers in place, walkers and their dogs will never be too far from another bag.”

Councillor Jim Lindridge added: “This is a fantastic development for Rossmere Park and indeed the town as a whole.

“These dispensers will be handy if you forget to bring a bag, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of all dog owners to carry bags with them and pick up after their dog.”

Councillor Bob Buchan said: “I’m pleased these dispensers will be available for dog walkers and support anything which will help reduce the amount of dog fouling.

“The installation of these dispensers makes it easier than ever before for dog owners to clean up after their dogs.”

Within the coming weeks dispensers will be placed in 40 locations around Hartlepool:

  • Black Path - Fens
  • Burn Valley (2)
  • Burn Valley (Family Wood)
  • Caledonian Road
  • Dalton Piercy
  • Elwick
  • Greatham
  • Grayfields Recreation Ground
  • Hart Lane (Upper)
  • Hart Village
  • Headland (3)
  • King George V Playing Fields
  • Linear Park
  • Loyalty Road
  • Merlin Way (2)
  • North Cemetery
  • Ocean Road/Haswell
  • Rafton Drive
  • Red Hugh Gardens
  • Rift House Recreational Ground (2)
  • Rossmere Park (2)
  • Seaton Carew (4)
  • Seaton Carew Park
  • Seaton Carew Recreation Ground
  • Stranton Cemetery
  • Summerhill (2)
  • Thornton Street Park Area
  • Ward Jackson Park (2)
  • West View Cemetery