Traffic lights upgraded to improve safety

Published Tuesday, 5th June 2018

TRAFFIC lights at a busy Hartlepool junction have been upgraded with the introduction of a new right turn filter in a bid to improve safety.

Motorists are being urged to note the changes to the lights at the Hart Lane/Wiltshire Way/Tarnston Road junction which have just become operational

The main change is a new right turn filter that has been added to cater for traffic heading into town along Hart Lane and seeking to turn right into Tarnston Road.

Straight ahead traffic on Hart Lane continues to run in both directions at the same time, but right -turning vehicles are now held until the straight ahead phase finishes. Both right turns then run together, meaning that vehicles no longer have to cross on-coming traffic.

The upgraded traffic lights in Hart Lane

(left-right): Peter Frost, Hartlepool Borough Council's Highways, Traffic and Transport Team Leader, Councillor Paul Beck and Councillor Brenda Loynes with the new right turn filter in the background

Councillor Paul Beck, Vice-Chair of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee, said: “We want to ensure that motorists are aware of the changes and we would urge right-turning traffic to follow the arrows to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the junction.”

The change has been welcomed by Councillor Brenda Loynes who has campaigned for action as the Hart Lane/Tarnston Road junction is in her Rural West ward.

She said: “There have been a number of accidents involving motorists turning right into Tarnston Road over the years. Large vehicles waiting to turn right into Wiltshire Way can sometimes partially obscure their view, leading some to take chances.

“The changes to the traffic lights will make it much safer for motorists by eliminating the conflict between right turning and straight ahead traffic.”