Don't lose your right to vote

Published Tuesday, 31st July 2018

Hartlepool residents are being urged to ensure their names are on the Register of Electors - and help save the Council money - by completing and returning their electoral registration forms promptly.

You can vote in local and national elections only if your name and address appears on the Register, and under national law you must apply each year to be included on it by completing an electoral registration form.

Hartlepool Council is sending out over 43 , 000 of the forms to households in the borough by Royal Mail in early August and is urging people to complete and return them as quickly as possible. You can also register by freephone , text or the internet.

Gill Alexander, the Council’s new Electoral Registration Officer , said: “Last year over 22 , 000 households failed to register and personal canvassers had to be recruited to visit homes and collect the information.

“This only adds to the costs of the service and it is money that could be saved if all households register promptly.

“Although the Register is compiled for electoral purposes, it’s also used by other organisations such as credit reference agencies, banks, building societies and mobile phone companies and by not registering people may affect their chances of obtaining credit.”

For general information and advice about electoral registration call the Council’s Election Office Hotline on (01429) 523088.