MAN V FAT football initiative to be launched

Published Tuesday, 25th September 2018

A new initiative that aims to help overweight and obese men get fit by playing football is to be launched in Hartlepool.

MAN V FAT is being brought to the town by Hartlepool Borough Council in partnership with Sport England and The FA.

A series of 8 weekly taster sessions will run from 29 October-17 December followed by a 14-week league that begins on 7 January 2019.

Games will be played on the 3G pitch at Brierton Sports Centre.

Players will be weighed 30 minutes before they play and, uniquely, matches will be decided not just on goals scored but also pounds shed - with teams earning goal bonuses based on their members’ collective weight loss.

Daniel Garthwaite, Senior Sport and Physical Activity Co-ordinator with Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “We’re delighted to be working with MAN V FAT and The FA to bring this initiative to Hartlepool where the biggest losers win!

“There has been a really positive response where MAN V FAT leagues have been set up in other parts of the country and it would be great if this also proved to be the case in Hartlepool.”

MAN V FAT football initiative

(left-right): Gavin Painter and Steve Gaffney from Hartlepool Borough Council who will be running the MAN V FAT taster sessions and league

The support of Sport England and The FA means that taking part in the taster sessions and the league will be free. There will, however, be a £10 registration charge for playing in the league but this is refundable if a player completes 80% or more of the season.

Each Monday taster session will include a players’ weigh-in and four 30-minute six-a-side games. Players are asked to attend the first taster session from 6pm and subsequent sessions will then run from 7-9pm
The league will run for 14 weeks, also on a Monday, and conclude with a 15th week that will be a “Bring a Friend” session. Weigh-ins and games will take place from 7-9pm each week.

MAN V FAT logo

Players can sign up for the league at by searching for “Hartlepool”. They can also register at any of the taster sessions or at the first week of the league on 7 January. Further information is available by emailing or calling (01429) 284050.

MAN V FAT Football launched in January 2016 with just 80 players but since then more than 5,500 players have joined leagues around the UK and lost nearly 64 tons of weight between them. The leagues are aimed exclusively at the 68% of UK men who are overweight or obese. More than 90% of players who take part in the leagues lose weight and 93% of players have reported improvements in their health.