Residents urged to back new dog fouling campaign

Published Monday, 11th February 2019

Thoughtless dog owners – we’re watching you!

That’s the hard-hitting message of a new community campaign in Hartlepool’s Manor House Ward to tackle dog fouling in the area.

 A total of 100 eye-catching new signs warning irresponsible dog owners and urging local residents to report them are being fixed to lampposts and street signs at dog fouling hotspots around the ward.

The new signs have been paid for by Manor House Ward Councillors Allan Barclay, Marjorie James and Stephen Akers-Belcher from their Ward Member Budgets – pots of money given to individual councillors by Hartlepool Borough Council for grassroots projects.

Manor House Ward anti-dog fouling.

(Left to right) Councillor Stephen Akers-Belcher, local residents Margaret Samuel and Joan Stephenson and Councillors Allan Barclay and Marjorie James with one of the new signs

Councillor Barclay said: “There’s a very strong community spirit in the Manor House ward, so we’re urging people to please get involved and back the campaign.

“A small minority of irresponsible dog owners are spoiling the area for everyone else. There’s no excuse for it and it won’t be tolerated.

 “It’s an offence not to pick up after your dog straight away – you face a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80.

“If residents see people not picking up after their dog, we’re asking them to please report it straight away either to ourselves as ward councillors or to the Council directly, so that action can be taken – you don’t have to give your name and you can talk to us in confidence.”

People can report dog fouling to the Council by calling 01429 523333 or online at 

One of the residents backing the campaign is Joan Stephenson, who uses a wheelchair.

She said: “Dog mess on the pavement really makes life difficult for me because I’m constantly having to watch out for it on the ground and find a way around it.”