Support cycle-to-work initiative, residents urged

Published Friday, 22nd March 2019

Residents of Hartlepool are being urged to support an initiative to promote cycling by riding their bikes all or part of the way to work.

They are being invited to take part in Ride to Work Week (March 25-31) run by the national organisation Love to Ride.

Participants can sign up at and every time they log a ride to work they will be entered into a daily prize draw throughout the week.

The initiative is being supported by the Hartlepool Active Travel Hub which campaigns to promote alternatives to the car, including cycling, walking and public transport.

Tony Davison, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Sustainable Travel Officer who co-ordinates the work of the hub, said: “There’s lots of positive reasons for taking part in Ride to Work Week – cycling can make you healthier, happier and wealthier! It also helps to reduce congestion and pollution.

“Statistics show that cycle commuters take half the sick leave of non-cycling colleagues and people who ride to work regularly report improved mental health due to lower stress and anxiety levels.”

There’s a range of great prizes up for grabs during the week, including gloves, vouchers, bike gear and even trips to Amsterdam, New Zealand and the Grand Canyon.

For more information about cycling and other forms of sustainable travel contact the Hartlepool Active Travel Hub on (01429) 523259.