Headland Town Square set for £120,000 overhaul

Published Wednesday, 17th April 2019

Work has started on £120,000 of maintenance, repairs and improvements to the Headland Town Square.

The 12-week project is being carried out by Hartlepool Borough Council. £85,000 of the total cost is being met by the Council and the remaining £35,000 has been contributed by housing organisation Thirteen.

The work will include:

* Replacing areas of the resin-bound surfacing on both the square and the surrounding edge of the history timeline.

* Relocating the commemorative plaques in the paving and adding a new interpretation panel alongside them.

* Improving drainage in the square.

* Removing trees which are either dead or in very poor condition, to ensure that the square retains its original planned design.

* Repairing steps, walls and paving where necessary.

* Repainting handrails where required.

Tony Hanson, the Council’s Assistant Director (Environment and Neighbourhood Services), said: “It has been a number of years since the Town Square was completed and some parts of it are worn and tired.

“This work will tackle a number of repairs and make some improvements – including to the site’s drainage - to help keep the Town Square looking its best for years to come, and we would like to thank Thirteen very much for the contribution which it has made to the cost of the project.”

Chris Smith, Executive Director of Service Delivery and Development at Thirteen, said: “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council to enhance the public open space around the Headland.  Thirteen are committed to providing safe and attractive neighbourhoods for our customers and this is just one example of our ongoing £1bn investment in the Tees Valley and beyond over the next five years.”