Town Square overhaul nears completion

Published Tuesday, 13th August 2019

£120,000 of maintenance, repairs and improvements to the Headland Town Square are nearing completion.

The 16-week project has been carried out by Hartlepool Borough Council with financial support from housing provider Thirteen. £85,000 of the total cost has been met by the Council, with the remaining £35,000 coming from Thirteen.

The work has included:

* Replacing areas of the resin-bound surfacing on both the square and the surrounding edge of the history timeline.

* Relocating the commemorative plaques in the paving and adding a new interpretation panel alongside them.

* Improving drainage in the square.

* Removing trees which were either dead or in very poor condition, to ensure that the square retains its original planned design.

* Repairing steps, walls and paving where necessary.

* Repainting handrails where required.

Any replanting required will take place in the autumn.

Town Square

Thirteen's Neighbourhood Co-ordinator Ellie Liston and Neighbourhoods Service Manager Natalie Usai with Councillor John Tennant in the Headland Town Square

Councillor John Tennant, Chair of the Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee, said: “In the years since the Town Square was created, time and the weather had taken a toll and parts of the Square were looking worn.

“These repairs and improvements will help keep this key location on the Headland looking its best and I would like to thank Thirteen very much indeed for the financial support which it has given to the project.”

Natalie Usai, one of Thirteen’s Neighbourhoods Service Managers for Hartlepool, said: “We were pleased to be part of this project and contribute to the range of improvements in the area. The local environment that our customers and other residents live in can have a major impact on their lives, and I think this work will have a positive impact on the Town Square.

“We work closely with the Council on many initiatives and it’s always good to pool resources as we can achieve so much more by working together.”