Hartlepool Writers Group launches its first anthology

Published Friday, 4th October 2019

The Hartlepool Writers Group (HWG) is proud to announce the launch of its very first published collaborative work entitled ‘Anthology 2020’.

The launch is on Wednesday 9 October at 7pm in Community Hub Central at Central Library in York Road and everyone is welcome to attend.

‘Anthology 2020’ showcases an eclectic mix of writing provided by members of the HWG. From flash fiction to fantasy and from poetry to romance, the author/contributors to this fascinating compilation are proud to present a series of works where hopefully every reader will find some particularly absorbing subject matter.

Anthology 2020

The need to write, the need to explore our minds and take ourselves to a different place on occasions is within all of us. The HWG is a collection of individuals who really do have a need to write; a need some would perhaps describe as a passion.

By getting together once a month, and guided by HWG Facilitator Denise Sparrowhawk, members of the group are able to share their ideas, exercise some basic techniques and most importantly of all seek critique of their work from other members.

Being a member of a writing group such as the HWG provides support, encouragement and most of all the confidence to grab any spare minute you can to get your thoughts down on paper. So the group hopes there will be something for everyone to enjoy in this wonderfully varied anthology, provided without the use of hard and brutal editing.

The poetic words, heartfelt emotions, spirited actions and possibly amusing storylines that lie between the pages of this book are those provided by the contributors as written, and the group expects this to be the first in a series of annual productions.

For more information about the group contact Denise Sparrowhawk, Stock and Reader Development Officer at Community Hub Central, on (01429) 242903 or email denise.sparrowhawk@hartlepool.gov.uk