Inspirational show is just up your street

Published Tuesday, 11th February 2020

If you’ve ever faced a challenge or had a dream, make a date for an inspiring and vibrant new show in Hartlepool which challenges negative perceptions about learning disabled people.

Called ‘In The Middle Of Our Street’, it’s on Friday 21 February at 1.30pm in the Centre for Excellence in Creative Arts (CECA) in King Oswy Drive, which is run by Hartlepool Borough Council and funded by the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Hannah wants more than the repetition of daily life and finds herself in an inventor’s workshop, opening her eyes to endless exciting possibilities.

She can see freedom and sets off on a great mission. She goes back for her friends and lets them know there’s another way.

Devised and performed by Full Circle Theatre Company of learning disabled actors, the show mixes the ordinary and everyday with a bit of magic to explore what independence means to them.

In the middle of our street

Annabel Turpin, Chief Executive Officer and Artistic Director of ARC Stockton – which has produced the show in partnership with A Little Cog - said: “If ever there is a show that so positively and in such a visual and beautiful way challenges negative perceptions about learning disabled people, then this is it. It’s a fantastic story, told with passion, skill, humour and Full Circle’s unique aesthetic, but most importantly, it is their story.”

Councillor Shane Moore, Tees Valley Combined Authority Lead for Culture and Tourism and Hartlepool Borough Council Leader, said: “Full Circle have earned much praise for their dynamic and inspirational performances and they love making sure their audiences have a great time. This is sure to be a wonderful show packed with Full Circle’s captivating mix of energy, poignancy and fun.”

The show lasts 45 minutes plus there’s 20 minutes of post-show discussion. It’s suitable for ages 8+ and it’s pay what you decide.

To book call the box office on 01429 890000 or click here.