CORONAVIRUS: Please stay away and help prevent spread of COVID-19

Published Wednesday, 20th May 2020

Visitors are again being asked to temporarily stay away from Hartlepool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The request has been made by Hartlepool Borough Council ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend and anticipated warmer weather.

It comes at a time when statistics show that the virus continues to pose a serious threat and cases locally have not yet peaked.

The North-East’s COVID-19 R rate - the average number of people that an infected person will pass the virus on to – is the highest in the country at 0.80 and double that of London.

Councillor Shane Moore, Leader of the Council, said: “Our priority continues to be to limit the impact this vile virus has on our communities and our vulnerable residents, so our message is simple – why take the risk? With this in mind, we would politely ask visitors to stay away.

“I hope people understand that this is designed to be a short-term measure that safeguards people’s health and we look forward to the day when we will again be able to welcome visitors with open arms.”

Dr Patricia Riordan, the Council’s Director of Public Health, added: “While the disease may have peaked in London, that is not the case here and, clearly, we are not yet out of danger.”

The Council says that people should make only essential journeys and stay at home wherever possible

It intends to keep coastal car parks closed this weekend and it is warning that enforcement action will be taken where necessary.