Providing a vital lifeline to our most vulnerable residents

Published Wednesday, 27th May 2020

More details have emerged of just how big a difference is being made by the Hartlepool Support Hub. 

Based at Community Hub Central and with a warehousing point at Mill House Leisure Centre, the Support Hub is staffed by people from across Hartlepool Borough Council whose usual day jobs are very different from the vital work they are currently doing.

Staff working in the Support Hub include librarians, instructors from Carlton Adventure and leisure centres, reception staff from Mill House Leisure Centre, legal assistants and Youth Services staff, to name but a few. They have all very quickly adapted to their new roles and are happy to do whatever is needed to help people through the crisis. The Hub, in turn, is being supported by the Council’s Contact Centre, which is handling a number of the Hub’s incoming calls as part of the 700 enquiries which the Contact Centre is dealing with each day.

The Support Hub was launched by the Council just nine weeks ago to provide vital support to vulnerable residents during the Coronavirus crisis.

Anyone who is self-isolating or otherwise unable to leave their home during the current emergency is encouraged to contact the Support Hub, which has already helped almost 4,000 people, including delivering over 1,600 food parcels, more than 1,200 prescriptions and over 1,500 hot meals.

The figures, though, are just part of the story and don’t fully reflect the vital role the Hub is playing in maintaining people’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Here are just some of the scores of comments the Hub has received from grateful residents:

“Thank you very much for the milk, bread and butter that you delivered to my house today - it restored my faith in humanity. Bless you all for your help.”

“I have COPD and PTSD. I was getting very anxious as my family don't live in Hartlepool. Thank you – I’ll sleep tonight knowing someone is there.”

“Your response has been brilliant, and so quick in being set up. I’ve already had two lots of medicines delivered, and on the same day. It’s reassuring to know there is local help readily available nearby - it has really put mind at ease.”

“A big, big thank you for the box of essential groceries you delivered yesterday – it was greatly appreciated and brought an emotional tear to my wife’s eyes.”

“I would just like to express my deep gratitude and thanks for getting my medication for me - what a huge relief!”

“We can’t thank you all enough for your fantastic service and help to us, especially the phone call which came at a time when I was feeling really low. We are new to the area … we cannot believe the help that we have received.”

Jill Harrison, the Council’s Director of Adult and Community-Based Services, said: “The Hub has made many hundreds of deliveries of essential items - ranging from food supplies and hot meals to prescriptions, pet food and hearing aid batteries - to some of the town’s most vulnerable residents.

“Impressive though this is, there is much more to the help the Hub provides. It keeps in touch with people, checking in with them regularly to make sure they are okay and putting them in touch with local befriending services to make sure they have someone to talk to and are not lonely.

”The staff in the Support Hub and our delivery drivers too, are doing a sterling job making sure people are safe and well and have access to essential supplies. I cannot thank them enough for the work they’re doing and the positive attitude they’ve shown in this crisis.”

You can contact the Hub by calling 01429 272905, emailing or filling in the online form at