Please stay away to help prevent spread of COVID-19

Published Friday, 19th February 2021

Visitors are being asked to temporarily stay away from Hartlepool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The appeal has been made by Hartlepool Borough Council amid concern over the number of people gathering at coastal locations such as Seaton Carew and the Headland, particularly at weekends.

There have been reports of people travelling from outside the town to enjoy a coastal walk.

Councillor Shane Moore, Leader of the Council, said: “Our priority at the moment continues to be to limit the impact this vile virus has on our communities and our vulnerable residents. With this in mind, we would politely ask visitors to stay away for the time being and to abide by current lockdown rules which state that you should not travel outside your local area to exercise.

“I recognise that this works both ways and I would also urge Hartlepool residents to follow the rules and not visit other areas.”

He said he hoped people would understand that the stay away appeal is a short-term measure to safeguard people’s health, and added that he is looking forward to the day when the town will again be able to welcome visitors with open arms.

The Council’s appeal comes against a backdrop of falling infection rates across the town.

But Craig Blundred, Hartlepool’s Director of Public Health, said: “Whilst infection rates have come down in recent weeks, they still remain uncomfortably high and we are not out of the woods yet.

“I would like to thank local people for their support in tackling the virus to date, but now is not the time to become complacent and we must all continue to do whatever we can to prevent its spread.

“In particular, please remember hands, face and space, as even small steps save lives. It is vitally important that we all take these basic safety precautions but we need to do it as a collective measure – it is not a case of one or the other.”