Men - is it time to talk?

Published Wednesday, 10th November 2021

Hartlepool’s voluntary and community sector are coming together in a special event to stand shoulder to shoulder with men who need some support with their mental health.

Called ‘Men - Is It Time To Talk?’, the drop-in event – which is open to everyone - is hosted by Community Hub Central in York Road and takes place on Friday 12th November from 10am to 2pm.

The event will showcase a range of services, charities, community groups and initiatives which are all playing a part in supporting men’s mental health in the local community.

People will have an opportunity to find out more about the wide range of help on offer and chat face-to-face with local organisations.

The event is led by charity Mentell and supported by Hartlepool and Stockton Health, Minds For Men and Wellness For Women, and Hartlepool Support Hub.

Leigh Keeble, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Head of Community Hubs and Wellbeing, said: “We all need good mental health and wellbeing – it's essential to living happy and healthy lives, and can help us sleep better, feel better, do the things we want to do and have more positive relationships. It can also help us deal with difficult times in the future.

“However, men are more likely not to talk about any problems they are experiencing or seek help and support.

“In the majority of cases where men have tragically taken their own lives, in the year leading up to that they were not known to have accessed any statutory support services.

“However, these same men will have a pint, get a haircut, share a coffee and crack a joke with their workmates. The earlier men who are experiencing problems can be reached, the greater the likelihood of preventing a tragedy.

“The key message from this event – which we are delighted to be hosting – is that if you are facing challenges, you are not alone – it’s absolutely OK to talk about it and there are lots of fantastic people here who will listen and help.”

Mentell will also be launching a localised campaign called Turn Your Borough Blue that aims to raise awareness of men's mental health in venues where men have meaningful conversations. 

The campaign will cover the following areas in Hartlepool: Turn Your Barber Blue (barbers), Turn Your Barista Blue (coffee shops), Turn Your Bar Blue (pubs) and Turn Your Business Blue (workplace). 

The goal is to sign up 50 venues which are willing to signpost their customers to Mentell. Organisations wanting to sign up to this campaign should visit for more details.