Don’t miss out on free home to school transport

Published Tuesday, 6th June 2023

Families in Hartlepool who are entitled to free home to school transport are being reminded to complete and return an important form to ensure that they remain entitled in the next school year.

Families who are eligible for this support on the grounds of low income are required to renew their entitlement each year by completing and returning an application form.

The form, with an accompanying letter, was posted to all eligible families of primary and secondary pupils by Hartlepool Borough Council’s Passenger Transport Services Team on 21st April, but to date some applications have not been returned.

Jayne Brown, the Councils Head of Transport Services, said: “We’d be grateful if families would please complete and return their forms to us as soon as possible and certainly by the end of this month, to ensure that they have access to travel assistance in September.”

If people have any queries, please contact the Passenger Transport Services Team on (01429) 523695 or 523769 or email