Planning permission granted for major new road scheme

Published Thursday, 11th January 2024

Planning permission has been granted for a new junction and road which will create a third main route in and out of Hartlepool from the A19 and allow traffic to bypass the village of Elwick.

Councillors voted to approve the scheme after hearing that it was “fundamental to the future sustainable growth of the Borough of Hartlepool”.

The authority will now commence a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process after so far failing to reach agreement for the acquisition of land required for the scheme.

Councillor Mike Young, Leader of Hartlepool Borough Council and Vice-Chair of the authority’s Planning Committee, said: “The granting of planning permission by the Planning Committee is an important milestone in the development of this important infrastructure scheme which will bring significant benefits to the Borough of Hartlepool.

“The new junction and road will help to improve the quality of life and safety of residents in Elwick and the neighbouring community of Dalton Piercy, it will unlock land for much-needed new housing and it will relieve traffic congestion on the existing A689 and A179 roads.

“I still hope that agreement can be reached with landowners, but the authority is committed to proceeding with the CPO process should that ultimately prove not to be possible.”

Councillor Paddy Brown, Chair of the Planning Committee, added:  “The importance of this scheme is highlighted by the fact that permission already exists for numerous dwellings in the borough but that the number of homes that can be built is limited until the proposed road network improvement is complete and fully open to traffic.

“Approval of the new junction and road clears the way for homes to be built whilst alleviating pressure on the A689/A179."

The Planning Committee heard that the grade separated junction with circular ramped slip road is to be located immediately to the west of the northbound carriageway of the A19. A new bridge over the A19 will link to a new east-west road which will run to the north of Elwick before connecting to the existing Elwick Road.  The scheme will provide northbound vehicles with a new access into Hartlepool from the A19, whilst also allowing vehicles leaving the town to access the northbound and southbound carriageways of the A19 and reducing traffic through the village of Elwick .

The Planning Committee heard that 26 letters of objection, eight letters of support and seven letters of no objection had been received. Planning officers recommended the scheme for approval, saying that none of the concerns/impacts significantly and demonstrably outweigh the respective benefits when assessed against the provisions of Hartlepool Local Plan, the Rural Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework which sets out the Government's economic, environmental and social planning policies for England.