Put smoking behind you on No Smoking Day

Published Tuesday, 12th March 2024

People in Hartlepool are being encouraged to put smoking behind them on No Smoking Day on Wednesday 13th March for better health, more money and less stress.

Tobacco is the biggest preventable cause of cancer, ill health, disability and death in the country and kills up to 2 in 3 long-term smokers. Since 2000, smoking has killed over 117,000 people in the North-East.

Craig Blundred, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Director of Public Health, says: “Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do.

“Your health starts to improve from the moment you stop and quitting at any age dramatically lowers your risk of serious disease, so the sooner you quit the better.

“There are other great benefits too. You’ll find you have money you never knew you had – thousands of pounds a year – plus you’ll feel calmer and less stressed, and quitting makes it less likely your children will smoke.

“Even if you’ve tried before, give it another go. It’s never too late to quit and there’s lots of support available to help you achieve that. You can do it!”

Craig Blundred

Craig Blundred

Visit FreshQuit.co.uk for advice and tips or speak to the trained Community Navigators at Hartlepool Support Hub on 01429 272905 or email helping@hartlepool.gov.uk.

So go for it and put smoking behind you on No Smoking Day:

  • Feel healthier: Easier breathing, fewer coughs and colds and less risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke and COPD.
  • More money: Quitting smoking will give you another £47 a week or £2,400 a year.
  • Less stress: Quitting is proven to leave you feeling calmer and happier after just a few weeks.
  • For your children’s sake: Quitting makes it less likely they will smoke.
  • Practice makes perfect: if you’ve tried before, you can learn from what worked and what didn’t. Treat previous tries as a stepping stone.