Help us keep borough clean and tidy

Published Wednesday, 13th March 2024

Residents and visitors are being urged to help keep Hartlepool clean and tidy by cleaning up after their dogs and disposing of litter responsibly.

The appeal has been issued by Councillor Sue Little, Chair of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee, ahead of the upcoming summer season.

“Whilst Council does not drop litter or foul the footpaths, we are expected to clean it up and our staff do an amazing job day-in day-out.

“Most people are supportive and I thank them for that. I’m particularly grateful to the army of volunteers who regularly turn out in all weathers to pick litter in local communities across the borough.

“However, it frustrates me that a minority continues to think that it is acceptable to drop litter and to leave dog dirt on footpaths, beaches and in parks and open spaces where it can pose a serious health hazard, particularly to playing children.”

Councillor Sue Little

Councillor Sue Little

The advice to residents and visitors is to always bin their litter on location or to take it home and dispose of it there. Dog owners are asked to put their pets’ bagged faeces in one of the dedicated bins provided in various locations by the Council or in a general litter bin. If there is no bin available, then it should be taken home for disposal. Bagged dog dirt should never be left hanging from bushes and trees as this only creates an even bigger environmental problem.

Councillor Little who is a ward councillor for the seaside resort of Seaton Carew, said: “A lot of change is currently taking place across Hartlepool, with millions of pounds being invested in new state-of-the-art leisure facilities and regeneration schemes.

“As a Council we are committed to developing Hartlepool as a destination that people want to keep returning to, and it is important to ensure that their first impressions of the town are always positive.”