Work, skills and health in the spotlight

Published Monday, 18th March 2024

The important links between work, skills and health among working age residents in Hartlepool is the focus of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Director of Public Health’s Annual Report for 2023.

In his yearly reports, Craig Blundred will be examining different factors which influence the health of Hartlepool residents and looking at the progress being made to improve those outcomes.

His 2023 report profiles the economic and employment opportunities across the town and the work being done with businesses to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The online report includes a number of short video presentations on subjects ranging from regeneration and economic investment and helping people gain skills and jobs to the Better Health at Work Award and success stories such as the Menopause Café.

Director of Public Health Craig Blundred

Director of Public Health Craig Blundred

Craig Blundred said: “As my report shows, there are very important links between work, skills and health.

“Good quality work enhances people’s opportunities and contributes to good health.

“The health of our people in the borough also impacts on economic activity and therefore the employment opportunities available to residents and the skills available to employers.

“Creating a healthy workplace has many benefits for both employees and employers. Enabling employees to feel supported to maintain their health and wellbeing at work and manage any long-term health conditions they may have is crucial and can also support employers to reduce the time their staff take off sick.

“Health improvement in the workplace also helps and encourages our residents to maintain good health.

“A lot of very good work is already being done towards these goals by organisations and companies in Hartlepool and these are outcomes towards which we can all strive.”

The report concludes with a look at what can be done in partnership to support people into employment through skills and education, support businesses to promote health at work and to make even more difference to the health of people in Hartlepool.

The report can be viewed at