Have a cracking Easter...but spare a thought for the environment!

Published Wednesday, 27th March 2024

Residents and visitors are being urged to help keep Hartlepool clean and tidy over the Easter holiday weekend by disposing of litter responsibly and cleaning up after their dogs.

The appeal has been issued by council officials who are looking forward to welcoming thousands of visitors to places such as Seaton Carew and the historic Headland.

Kieran Bostock, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Assistant Director - Neighbourhood Services, said he hoped everyone had a great time whilst respecting the local environment.

He said: “We have some fantastic beaches, parks, open spaces and other attractions, including the National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool, and we want the town to be a place that people enjoy visiting and want to return to. For that reason, it’s important that we ensure it is kept as clean and tidy as possible.

“Large numbers of people inevitably generate lots of litter but that doesn’t need to be a problem if everyone disposes of their rubbish responsibly.

“The Council is doing its bit by putting out additional bins at Seaton Carew and the Headland and these will remain in place for the entire summer season. Cleansing staff will also be working over the weekend.

“However, bins can still sometimes become full and if anyone finds that to be the case I would ask them to take their rubbish home and dispose of it there.”

He also called on owners to ensure that they always clean up after their dogs.

They are advised to put their pets’ bagged faeces in one of the dedicated bins provided in various locations by the Council or in a general litter bin. If there is no bin available, then it should be taken home for disposal. Bagged dog dirt should never be left hanging from bushes and trees as this only creates an even bigger environmental problem.