Hartlepool Poverty Truth Commission launched

Published Friday, 17th May 2024

Hartlepool Borough Council is delighted to be part of the Hartlepool Poverty Truth Commission led by charity Thrive Teesside which was officially launched this week.

The Commission is a unique and powerful way of developing new insights and initiatives to tackle poverty.

The idea is built on the concept that lasting social change only happens when people who are struggling come together with those in positions of power to tackle key issues.

The creation of the Hartlepool Poverty Truth Commission was a recommendation that came out of an investigation into family poverty by the Council’s Audit and Governance Committee.

Councillor Jonathan Brash, the current Chair of the committee, said: “The scale of poverty in our town is a scandal that should shame all those who have been in power both locally and nationally in recent years. It is clear we need urgent change and, although I think it's a tragedy that such a commission is needed, I welcome the dedication and hard work of Hartlepool people in trying to tackle this issue. Alleviating poverty to ensure that every Hartlepool person, young and old, can live in comfort and achieve their ambitions is the duty of us all." 

The launch event at Ye Olde Durhams Social Club provided an opportunity to bring together a sample group of local residents with members of the Council’s Executive Leadership Team, representatives of a range of other organisations in the town and headteachers of local schools.

Over coming months, the Council looks forward to supporting the ongoing work of the Commission in its drive to generate change.