School Meals

Hartlepool Borough Council (Catering Services) has been committed to providing high quality school lunches for many years. We work with 30 schools in the primary and secondary sector within the town and serve around one million meals each year.

Our Spring/ Summer 2022 menu can be found on our menu Page below.

We have worked closely with schools to ensure that we are providing meals in a safe environment for our staff and the pupils during the pandemic and we will continue to monitor this throughout the new term.

Alternative Salad Bar options will return to our menus, where possible and a variety of sandwiches that can be served to the pupils will be given as an alternative choice where this is not practical in the school space.

Our aim is always to ensure our catering service provides excellent value for money to our customers and is delivered in line with the high standards and expectations of schools.

The School Catering Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our processes are built on industry best