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Viewpoint Topics Covered Date
Viewpoint 42 No Cold Call Zones; Approved Trader Scheme; Trading Standards; Hartbeat; Refuse & Recycling Service February 2014
Viewpoint 41 Hartlepool's Ambition - The sustainable Community Strategy for Hartlepool 2014 - 2020 August 2013

Viewpoint 40

Community & Public Transport; Town Hall Theatre; Access to Council Buildings; The 100th Anniversary of The Bombardment of the Hartlepools April 2013
Viewpoint 39

Text Reminder Service; Children's Centres and Youth Centres; Internet, Technology and Smartphone's; Awareness of Benefits Welfare Reform

December 2012
Viewpoint 38 Emergency Planning; Central Library; Green Spaces; Communication and Consultation June 2012
Viewpoint 37 Healthy Hartlepool; Satisfaction with Council Services; Illegal tobacco sales; Hartlepool Safeguarding Children Board December 2011
Viewpoint 36 Kerbside Recycling Service; Domestic Violence; Minimum Price for Alcohol; Summerhill October 2011
Viewpoint 35 Alcohol consumption in Hartlepool; Culture & leisure activities in Hartlepool; Hartlepool beaches; Hartlepool, and the 2012 Olympics. March 2011
Viewpoint 34 Shopping in Hartlepool; Climate Change; Trees in Hartlepool; Radio Hartlepool. December 2010
Viewpoint 33 Have your say on Council spending; Contacting the Council; Consulting with the public; Hartbeat. August 2010
Viewpoint 32 Perceptions of crime; Awareness of benefits; Help yourself to Council services; The internet and you; Free swim initiative; Viewpoint design. March 2010
Viewpoint 31 A new nuclear power station for Hartlepool. December 2009
Viewpoint 30 Recycling and kerbside collections; Transport. October 2009
Viewpoint 29 Summerhill; Perceptions of young people; Council meetings; Emergency planning leaflets. June 2009
Viewpoint 28 Cleveland Police - listening to local people; Highways management; Adult education; Council owned public toilets; E-safety and young people; The future of Viewpoint. April 2009
Viewpoint 27 Operation Cleansweep; Contacting the Council; Consulting with the public; Taxi and private hire vehicles. November 2008

Viewpoint 26

Sports and recreation; Sports Development - Holiday Programmes; Hartlepool Weight Management Service. July 2008
Viewpoint 25 Night time in Hartlepool Town Centre; Crime & Community Safety. April 2008
Viewpoint 24 Tall Ships Races 2010; Neighbourhood Consultative Forums; Emergency Planning; Contacting the Council. February 2008
Viewpoint 23 Hartbeat; Trading Standards; Perceptions of Crime; Neighbourhood Watch; Climate Change; Contact Point. October 2007
Viewpoint 22 Transport; An Annual Report for the Council; The Museum of Hartlepool; Contacting the Council about Environmental Services; Kerbside Collections. July 2007
Viewpoint 21 Healthy eating; Highways management; Building Control; Council-run community centres; Consulting with the public. January 2007
Viewpoint 20 Local heritage; Council buildings and properties; Policing and crime. July 2006
Viewpoint 19 The internet and you; Foster caring; Preparing for emergencies; Community strategy. June 2006
Viewpoint 18 Customer satisfaction; Sport and recreation; Hartlepool Borough Council as an employer. February 2006
Viewpoint 17 Libraries; Childrens Services; Hartbeat; Smoking. October 2005
Viewpoint 16b Recycling; Night-time in Hartlepool town centre. July 2005
Viewpoint 16 Cleveland Police Authority; Youth Service; Additional powers for community wardens. April 2005
Viewpoint 15 Customer care; Summerhill; Transport. January 2005
Viewpoint 14 Fear of crime; Community policing and community wardens; The Fire Service; Budget consultation; Hartlepool community portal. November 2004
Viewpoint 13 Accessing Council buildings; Elections; Rights of way; Museum, arts and events. September 2004
Viewpoint 12 Accessing Council services; Consulting with the public; Play facilities; Waste collection; Natural communities. June 2004
Viewpoint 11 Parking; Blue box recycling scheme; Library opening hours; Open spaces; Quality of development in Hartlepool. September 2003
Viewpoint 10 Healthy Hartlepool; Crime and community safety; Hartbeat; Swimming. May 2003
Viewpoint 9 Highways Management; Streetlighting; Environmental Services; Environmental and waste services; Trading standards; Council assets. October 2002
Viewpoint 8 Transport; Libraries; Social services. May 2002
Viewpoint 7 Contacting the Council; You and information technology; Contacting the Council via the website; Contacting the Council via the telephone. February 2002
Viewpoint 6 Leisure and Culture; Community Strategy; Youth Service. October 2001
Viewpoint 5 Community safety; Public Conveniences; Dog warden service; Council buildings and properties. May 2001
Viewpoint 4 Grounds Maintenance; Adult education; Economic development; Public health and safety; Taxis. January 2001
Viewpoint 3 Community safety and crime; Landscape and conservation; Environmental issues; Contacting the Council; Highways management. September 2000
Viewpoint 2 Local heritage and archaeology; Summerhill; Parks; Play facilities and schemes; Trading standards; Quality of development in Hartlepool. May 2000
Viewpoint 1 Street lighting; Transportation; Sports and recreation; Access and facilities for people with disabilities; Libraries. January 2000

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