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Paying for School Meals

A Cashless System

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All of the secondary schools in Hartlepool operate a cashless system, and the children use swipe cards or Biometrics.  This means that we can monitor on an individual basis what a child eats and we are able to provide parents with a full breakdown of the foods purchased by their child at school, if they wish.

Contrary to popular belief not all secondary school children in Hartlepool eat burgers and chips every day (in fact less than one third do so) but you might want to know exactly what your child has eaten. In any event we would welcome a visit from you to our kitchens so that you can see for yourself what is on offer, things have changed, so be prepared to be amazed! We offer jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings, tasty sandwiches made to order, fresh self-service salad bars, soups, traditional meals etc.

Below is a list of the sort of things that we are able to provide you with information on. If you wish we can:

  • Give a detailed breakdown of the foods purchased by your child.
  • Allow you to limit the amount your child can spend in any one day for example if you sent £10 on a Monday and limit it to £2 per day it will ensure that it lasts the child the full week.
  • Block certain foods/drinks from your child should you instruct us to do so.
  • Accept payment by cheque (please make cheque payable to Hartlepool Borough Council) which saves any child having to carry cash.

Every child is important to us in the school meals service and we want to work alongside the school and parents in ensuring that all children have access to a balanced meal, or are at least given the opportunity to choose a healthy meal. Pupils entitled to free school meals are offered exactly the same service as those paying for a meal and there is now no stigma attached at all, the cards are identical and the money is credited automatically, the child does not need to do anything.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Client Services team on 01429 523850 or 01429 523822 and ask for Lynne or Shirley.

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