Register a birth

Every birth must be registered within 42 days of the child being born

How do I register a birth?

Births are registered in the district where they took place. If your baby was born in Hartlepool you can complete the registration at our office. If your baby was born elsewhere in England or Wales you can attend our office to complete a birth declaration; this will then be sent to the relevant register office for the birth to be registered.

To make an appointment at our office call 01429 523337 

How much does it cost?

There is no fee to register a birth. 

Birth certificates

There are two types of birth certificate:

  • the short version, which contains only the baby’s details
  • the full version, which also contains the parents’ details

A full certificate is required for a passport application.

If your baby was born in Hartlepool certificates will be issued during your appointment. If you are registering by declaration the certificates will be posted to you from the relevant register office.

Certificate fees

You can buy copies of birth certificates for registered births that occurred in Hartlepool.

If your baby was born in Stockton you are able to make payment for certificates at the time of your appointment using cash or card. If your baby was born elsewhere in England or Wales you will be advised of your payment options when you contact to make an appointment.

More information

Read the GOV.UK complete guide to registering a birth to find out:

  • who can register a birth
  • where to register a birth
  • what you’ll need to take to your appointment