Converting civil partnership to marriage

Couples in an existing civil partnership may now convert their civil partnership to a marriage, as long as the civil partnership took place in England or Wales (or overseas in a consulate or armed forces base where the civil partnership was registered according to the laws of England and Wales).

Do we have to convert our partnership in the district it took place?

You do not need to convert your civil partnership with the same local authority who registered it. For example, if your civil partnership took place in County Durham your conversion can still take place in Hartlepool.

What is the conversion procedure?

Converting your civil partnership to a marriage is a simple administrative process which will take place at our office. A legal declaration will be drawn up for both of you to sign with the registrar present. Your marriage will then be registered and a marriage certificate will be issued.


The fee for a conversion appointment is £45.

Certificate fee

Are we able to have a ceremony?

You can choose to follow your conversion appointment with a ceremony in a licensed ceremony venue. If you choose to have a ceremony your conversion will take place in two stages

  1. You will attend a conversion appointment at our office where the declaration will be drawn up 
  2. You will have your ceremony where your marriage will be registered.

Your conversion appointment can take place a maximum of 12 months prior to your ceremony

Hartlepool venues

Middlegate Room

Licensed Venues

Ceremony fee

Contact our office to arrange an appointment and / or ceremony

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