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Admissions in England

General information about schools admissions can be found on GOV.UK.  All school admissions in England are governed by the Schools Admissions Code School Admissions Code (September 2021).

Section 2.21 of the Schools Admissions Code - Children of UK service personnel and crown servants

Under the above code, all admissions authorities in England must accept an application and allocate a place for children of armed forces personnel on proof of assignment and in advance of moving to the area. Parents do not need to have an allocated address and applications can be processed on the basis of the unit address or general quartering address. (Although places may not be allocated a long time in advance of the move, as this may result in a school having to hold a place open for an unreasonable amount of time.) The covenant will not automatically help parents to get the school of their choice. Local authorities must find a school place for all children who move into their area. However, if no places are available at the parents’ preferred school, there is no duty to comply with parental preference.

Further information in realtion to the School Admissions Policy in Hartlepool can be accessed via the attached link - School Transfers