Armed Forces Support

Support for Reservists and their families

As a reservist, there’s a great deal of support available to you.  At every stage of a reservist’s career, there are rights and responsibilities for both reservists and employersAs some are governed by law (e.g. the legal right to reinstatement in civilian jobs after a period of mobilised service), it’s important to be aware of them.  

The ‘Defence Relationship Management’ (DRM) service has been set up as a single point of contact linking employers with the MOD. It offers advice and support on employing members of the armed forces community.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the rights and responsibilities for reservists and employers, or you are experiencing difficulties with your employer, you can contact your Unit Employer Support Officer.

Each unit has an Employer Support Officer who is the main authority on employer issues. Your detachment commander or Permanent Staff Administrative Officer (PSAO) will be able to put you in touch. Employer Support Officers can give you legal advice or tips on how best to talk to your employer to encourage them to support your reserve service.

You can also contact the DRM Helpline (0800) 389 5459 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, or report disadvantage at work online.


Working for Hartlepool Borough Council 

Hartlepool Borough Council recognises the valuable contribution that members of the Reserve Forces (Reservists) can make to the UK Armed Forces, their communities and the civilian workplace. There is a reservist policy in place that includes up to 2 weeks paid leave to attend annual training (subject to training meeting the specified criteria). Applicants are also guranteed an interview if they meet the required criteria.