Single Co-ordinated Assessment - Education, Health and Care Plans

Education Health and Care Plan (Known as the One Plan in Hartlepool)

The Single Coordinated Assessment (EHC Plan), replaced the old Statement of Education Need as of 1st September 2014.  Any new request for Statutory Assessment will now be using the new EHC process and any child/young person who currently has a Statements of Educational Need will either have their statement transferred onto the EHC Plan at their next review or at key transition points. 

New EHC Plan Process

Once all the information and reports have been gathered to make a request for Statutory Assessment, the request is then submitted to the local authority for the SEND Panel to decide that the degree of the child's Learning Difficulty and the nature of the provision necessary to meet the child's special educational provision through an Education Health and Care Plan.  This Panel meet every 4 weeks to consider applications.  The Panel includes representatives from education, health and social care.

When the SEND Team receives the request for Statutory Assessment they will send you a letter confirming this and will inform you of the next available SEND Panel meeting.  You will have a maximum of 4 school weeks to wait before you find out if the Panel has agreed that an assessment should be started or that a recommendation has been made to provide a lower level of support.

Following the SEND Panel meeting, the SEND Team will contact you to inform you of the outcome of the meeting.  If the decision is the child does not require an assessment and you disagree with the decision, you can talk to Hartlepool Information Advice and Support Services or ask for details on mediation services.

If you are still unhappy, you have the right to appeal to the First - Tier Tribunal.

Time Scales

The whole process of an EHC needs assessment and EHC plan development, form the point when the assessment is requested (or child or young person is brought to the local authorities attention) until the final EHC plan is issued, must take no more than 20 weeks (subject to exemptions)

The specific timescale requirements can be found in Chapter 9 of the SEND Code of Practice January 2015 under points 9.41 to 9.43.

What does the proposed EHC Plan look like?

Section  Detail
 A The views, interests and aspirations of the child and their parents, or of the young person
 B The child or young person's special educational needs
 C The child or young person's health needs which relate to special educational needs.
 D The child or young person's social care needs which relate to special educational needs
 E The outcomes sought for the child or the young person
 F The special educational provision required by the child or young person
 G Any health provision reasonably required by the learning difficulties or disabilities which result in the child or young person having special educational needs
 H1 Any social care provision which must be made for a child or young person under 18 resulting from section 2 of the chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970 (CSDPA)
 H2 Any other social care provision reasonably required by the learning difficulties or disabilities which result in the child or young person having special educational needs
 I Placement
 J Personal Budget (including arrangements for direct payments)
 K Advice and information

Stages of appeal

Decisions about provision for children and young people with SEN should be made as soon as possible.  In most cases this will be achieved by discussion with the Local Authority SEND Team, including the help from the Information, Advice and Support Service.

If you are still not happy about the outcomes outlined in the plan, then you can contact the Mediation and Disagreement Resolution Services who can provide you with independent advice and information on the next steps that are available to you.  Hartlepool Information, Advice and Support Service can provide you with a list of approved providers that can offer you this service.

Should you require more detailed information about the statutory process, please contact: Hartlepool IASS on: 01429 284876 or by email to:

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