Test & Trace Support Payment Scheme

Who is eligible for support?

Hartlepool residents unable to work whilst self-isolating, or caring for a child that is self-isolating can apply for help from the Government’s Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme.

You must have been notified of a requirement to self-isolate on or before the 23 February 2022. Applications will be accepted until the 6 April 2022.

Those meeting the eligibility criteria will receive a £500 lump sum. (Payments are subject to income tax but not National Insurance contributions, and they will not be taken into account for benefit purposes).

There are two distinct strands to the scheme 

  • The Main Scheme
  • The Parent/Guardian Scheme

Those not in receipt of defined benefits, as required by both schemes, may still be eligible for a discretionary payment if they meet the criteria, have less than £10,000 of savings and are facing financial hardship. For self-employed individuals, the £10,000 threshold includes funds in business accounts.

For more information go to our dedicated Test and Trace Support Payments Scheme web pages by clicking on the box below.

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