Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol - Information and Effects

Many people enjoy drinking alcohol and in small amounts it can help them to relax and feel more sociable.

However, alcohol is a depressant drug which slows down body reactions and the working of the brain with some people using alcohol to escape from their problems.

The effect depends on the strength of the drink and how fast it is consumed. Your mood and the situation can also be an influence. If you are already down alcohol tends to make you feel worse.

It also varies according to when a person last ate, and their weight, mood and surrounding. A hangover can leave you feeling ill for a day or so.

The Risks...

  • Alcohol can lead to poor co-ordination and slurred speech. Large amounts can result in double vision and loss of consciousness.
  • Women get more drunk than men on the same amount of alcohol. They can develop drink-related health problems earlier and have issues related to pregnancy.
  • Drinking too much can lead to being confused, dazed or loss of consciousness. Users can then choke on their own vomit. In addition there is the risk of unplanned/unprotected sex, assault or rape.
  • Overdose can also cause alcoholic poisoning, which can be fatal. Fatal overdose can occur when people mix alcohol and drugs especially drugs like heroin, methadone and tranquillizers.
  • Long term over-use can lead to serious liver, heart and stomach problems.