Drugs and Alcohol

Where do I get help?

If you, a partner, a family member or a friend have a problem with drugs or alcohol misuse, they don't have to suffer in silence thanks to a wide range of personal and confidential support available from a number of different places.

The first step is having the courage to determine what type of help you need before contacting the relevant agency from the Safer Hartlepool Partnership which can provide you with the best support depending on your personal circumstances.

Please contact:

Supporting Treatment and Recovery Together (START)

Whitby Street,     
Hartlepool, TS24 7AB

Tel: 01429 285000

Email: substancemisuse@hartlepool.gov.uk

START takes referrals from both adults and young people with substance misuse problems. Referrals are accepted by telephone, email and in person, from voluntary/professional organisations and individuals where consent has been gained.

The team consists of:

A commissioned clinical service through Foundations, which offers prescribing services including titration, stabilisation and reduction regimes, BBV (Blood Bourne Virus) vaccinations and harm reduction services such as a needle syringe programme and distribution of Naloxone. 

Linked to that service we have:

A Hepatitis C treatment clinic supporting clients testing positive for Hepatitis C.

A midwife from the University Hospital of Hartlepool who works closely with the service.

A psychosocial recovery support element provided by Hartlepool Borough Council.

The team provides a wide range of evidence-based, needs-led interventions on a drop in, 1-1 and group work basis, including:

— Assessment
— SMART Recovery UK mutual aid Breaking Free Online access and support
— DRR (Drug Rehabilitation Requirement) and ATR (Alcohol Treatment Requirement) support groups.
— Preparation for detoxification

HeadSTART supports young people in achieving their recovery goals using structured care planning and supports young people to make informed decisions to stop them making decisions they may later regret.

Young Peoples Service offers a range of services for young people up to the age of 18. The service provides support around substance misuse treatment, with a focus on prevention and early interventions.

We also provide harm reduction education to schools, youth projects or any other young person-related services in Hartlepool.

 Contact  Opening Times

Whitby Street

Tel: 01429 285000

9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday



Drug Litter Services

Hartlepool Borough Council provides a 24-hour drug litter service and will endeavour to remove any drug related litter within 2-hours.  Reports can be made online via www.hartlepool.gov.uk or by contacting 01429 523333 during office hours (or 01429 266522, Option 1 then Option 2) if out of office hours). 

The two hour response can only be guaranteed when reported by telephone therefore if your requirement is urgent, call the above number.


Parents In Need Of Support (P.I.N.S.)

PINS have contributed to keeping many family units together due to providing support, advice and information. It offers drop in facilities, one to one meetings, self help support groups, drug awareness and parenting skills training.

 Contact  Opening Times

Parents In Need of Support


Elwick Road


TS24 7QS

Tel: 01429 260110 (24 Hour answer phone service)
Email:  info@parentsinneedofsupport.co.uk
Web:   www.parentsinneedofsupport.co.uk

Drop in Facility daily from 10.00am to 4.00 pm


Further information


For further information on services available in Hartlepool please contact Alison Reeves, Planning & Commissioning Officer for the Safer Hartlepool Partnership on 01429 284596.


If you have any complaints/comments about any of the services please contact Karen Clark, Head of Substance Misuse Service on 01429 852835.