Any premises that wants to offer sexual entertainment or relevant entertainment* on a regular basis before a live audience for the financial gain of the organiser or the entertainer must obtain a sexual entertainment venue licence.

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*Relevant entertainment is any live performance or live display of nudity which is of such a nature that, ignoring financial gain, it must reasonably be assumed to be provided solely or principally for the purpose of sexually stimulating any member of the audience (whether by verbal or other means).  Examples include, amongst other things, lap dancing, pole dancing, strip shows and so on.

By law, a premises can offer relevant entertainment on an infrequent basis without the need to obtain a sexual entertainment venue licence, provided that the relevant entertainment does not occur for longer that 24 hours, once a month and on no more than 11 occasions over a 12 month period.  To take advantage of this exemption, the premises must have the required permissions (such as performance of dance and music) under the Licensing Act 2003 either by means of a Temporary Events Notice or the premises' current premises licence.

We have produced a brief guidance note intended to provide licensed operators in Hartlepool with information about what is permitted if you offer, or intend to offer, adult entertainment at your premises.

For more information, please refer to the Home Office guidance on Sexual Entertainment Venues.