Details of licensing applications received

Licensing Act 2003

If you are a resident of Hartlepool , or operate a business in the town, you are entitled to make representations about an application if you either support or oppose it. All representations must relate to at least one of the Licensing Act's 'licensing objectives' which are: -

  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • Public safety
  • Protection of children from harm

Any representations must be submitted within 28 days of an application being received by the Council and therefore any comments you may wish to make must be made by the date shown below (closing date for representations).

Please note: It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in connection with an application.
Representations must be submitted by e-mail to or in writing to:
The Licensing Team
Hartlepool Borough Council
Civic Centre
Victoria Road 
TS24 8AY

Date Received Type of Application  Licence No. Premises Name Premises Address Closing Date for Representations Copy of Application (PDF)
28th September 2017  New  HART/PS/531  Cornwall Street Local Shop  128 Cornwall Street  26th October 2017 Application
 24th August 2017  Review  HART/PS/455  Zone One  162a York Road  21st September 2017 Application
 15th August 2017 New   HART/PS/530  Jumbo Chinese Buffet Restaurant  21 Park Rad  12th September 2017 Application
7th August 2017  Review   HART/PS/175  Loons 8 Victoria Road  4th September 2017  Application
27th July 2017   New  HART/PS/529  The Waterfront

Unit 33Navigation Point

24th August 2017  Application
 22nd June 2017  New H ART/PS/528

 Robinson's Store 

 171 Stockton Road  20th July 2017  Application
7th June 2017  New  HART/PS/527  O'Lafferty's  Unit 19 Navigation Point  5th July 2017 Application
 31st May 2017 Review   HART/PS/425  Hart Mini Market  178-180 Raby Road  30th June 2017


 15th May 2017 New   HART/PS/526  34 Navigation Point  12th June 2017 Application
3rd May 2017   New  HART/PS/525  Hartlepool Corporation Sports & Social  14 Whitby Street 31st May 2017  Application
26th April 2017  New  HART/PS/524 Jacksons Landing (for Tinie Tempah)  24th May 2017 Application
 24th April 2017 Variation   HART/PS/023  Town Hall Theatre  Raby Road  22nd May 2017 Application
10th April 2017 Variation   HART/PS/423  Top Shop  66-68 Jesmond Gardens  8th May 2017 Application
5th April 2017  New  HART/PS/523  La Nuova  184 Raby Road  3rd May 2017 Application
13th March 2017 Variation   HART/PS/047e Tesco Throston Grange Hartlepool Express Wiltshire Way 11th April 2017 Application
12th March 2017  New  HART/PS/522 Seaton Rocks Seaton Carew Coach Park  9th April 2017 Application
20th February 2017  New  HART/PS/521  15-18 The Front, Seaton Carew  20th March 2017 Application
21st February 2017 New   HART/PS/520  Oh This Is Us  Unit 30 Navigation Point   21st March 2017 Application
 17th February 2017  New  HART/PS/519  The Local Store  121-123 Raby Road  17th March 2017  Application
 15th February 2017 New   HART/PS/518 B&M Retail Ltd (Former B&Q)

Teesbay Retail Park, Brenda Road

15th March 2017 Application
10th February 2017  New  HART/PS/517  12a-14 Navigation Point (Wallis & Co)  10th March 2017 Application
 19th January 2017 New   HART/PS/516

 One Stop

 Unit 1, Warrior Drive (Site of Former Schooner Pub)  16th February 2017 Application
11th January 2017  New  HART/PS/515  Hunters Unit 32, Navigation Point 8th February 2017 Application
4th January 2017 New HART/PS/514 124 Stockton Road 1st February 2017 Application
 4th January 2017  New  HART/PS/513   2 The Front, Seaton Carew  1st February 2017 Application
15th December 2016 New HART/PS/512 Middleton Grange Shopping Centre 12th January 2017 Application
4th December 2016 New HART/PS/511 Hops and Cheese 9-11 Tower Street 1st January 2017 Application
24th October 2016 New HART/PS/510 B & M Store Middleton Grange Shopping Centre 21st November 2016 Application
17th October 2016 New HART/PS/509 Hello Goodbye Unit 31, Navigation Point 14th November 2016 Application 
3rd October 2016 New HART/PS/508 Headland Social Club Throston Street 31st October 2016 Application
28th September 2016 New HART/PS/507 One Stop Convenience Store Easington Road 26th October 2016 Application
19th September 2016 Variation HART/PS/487 180 York Road 17th October 2016 Application
9th September 2016 Variation HART/PS/479 West Hartlepool Rugby Club  Catcote Road 7th October 2016 Application
5th September 2016 Review HART/PS/433 141 Oxford Road 3rd October 2016 Application
1st July 2016 New HART/PS/506 Unit A, 1 Navigation Point 29th July 2016 Application
24th June 2016 New HART/PS/505 McDonalds Burn Road 22nd July 2016 Application
20th June 2016 New HART/PS/504 Family Shopper (former Tesco Express)  Villiers Street 20th July 2016 Application
8th June 2016 New HART/PS/502 WM Morrisons Petrol Filling Station Belle Vue Way 6th July 2016 Application
8th June 2016 New HART/PS/503

O'Malley's Irish Bar 

25-27 Church Square 6th July 2016 Application 
5th May 2016 Variation HART/PS/495 75 York Road 2nd June 2016 Application
17 April 2016 New HART/PS/501 The Staincliffe Hotel The Cliffe, Seaton Carew 15th May 2016 Application
14 March 2016 New HART/PS/500

91 York Road

11th April 2016 Application