Downloading PDF Files

The website includes a number of documents in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF).

The PDF format allows you to access extra information and publications from the Council.

Each time we use a PDF, we outline the content it contains and the size of the PDF file is displayed in brackets. This information will help you decide whether to download the file to your local machine.

To read content that you have downloaded you will need a copy of some free software called Adobe Acrobat reader. Most PC's come with this software, but if you have not got it you can download the software here.

This format is used where we want to make sure that you receive the document with a specific layout - for example forms, or reports where the layout is important - and sometimes for convenience when we convert existing printed documents.

For access to PDF documents for people with visual disability, see the Adobe Acrobat Access page.

You can download a PDF document and then use the viewer to read it or print it out later. Alternatively, you may be able to configure your browser to automatically launch an Acrobat viewer as a "helper application" when you receive a PDF document. Instructions on how to do this should be provided with the viewer.