Quality Standards Framework

Care Home Services

The Quality Standards Framework has been developed in partnership with providers and forms part of the contract for the provision of care home services within the Borough of Hartlepool.  The Framework will promote the continued improvement of services within care homes and link the quality of the care provided to payment.

All care homes providing residential care for older people and care homes with nursing will be assessed on an annual basis against the Quality Standards Framework.  The results of the assessments will determine the quality grading and price for care and support at the home for the following year.

The council has identified 6 domains upon which to measure the quality of services provided within care homes and care homes with nursing and has selected 16 outcomes which most closely relate to quality and safety, from within the domains, to measure the quality of service provision.

Information & Involvement

Outcome 1 Respecting and involving people who use services

Outcome 2 Consent to care and treatment

Personalised care, treatment & support

Outcome 4 Care and welfare of people who use services

Outcome 5 Meeting nutritional needs

Outcome 6 cooperating with other providers

Safeguarding & Safety

Outcome 7 Safeguarding vulnerable people who use service

Outcome 8 Cleanliness and infection control

Outcome 9 Management of medicines

Outcome 10 Safety and suitability of premises

Outcome 11 Safety, availability and suitability of equipment

Suitability of staff

Outcome 12 Requirements relating to workers

Outcome 13 Staffing

Outcome 14 Supporting workers

Quality Management

Outcome 16 Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision

Outcome 17 Complaints

Outcome 21 Records


The final domain related to environmental factors which are determined following a consultant assessment.

The council seeks and considers evidence from a variety of sources as part of the Framework in determining the achievement of the outcomes including:

  • Views of residents and staff
  • Information held about further action and no further action Safeguarding Referrals that have been made between a pre-determined timescale
  • The general quality and effect of care planning arrangements in relation to individualised service delivery
  • PCT medication assessment sources
  • Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Scores
  • Documentary evidence within the provider's evidence portfolio
  • Quality observation to consider the general quality of service delivery and atmosphere

Assessment Results

The results of the assessments determined the following care home grading.

Clicking on the name of the care home in the table below will take you to a weblink to the report.

Grade 1 Grade 2
Burbank Mews Seaton Hall Brierton Lodge 
Charlotte Grange  Seymour House Lindisfarne
Clifton House  
Dinsdale Lodge   
The Crescent
Queens Meadow West View Lodge
Rossmere Park

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