Looking After Your Baby

Getting to know Your Baby and What You'll Need

Every one of us are different and babies are too!  It's important that you get to know your new little person so that you can spot any changes in their behaviour of appearance that might mean they're not feeling well.  This can seem really duanting but try not to worry!


There are loads of resources out there that breakdown what to look out for.  The NHS has a whole section on 'Getting to know Your Newborn' and will explain what will happy in the first few days of your baby being born as well as what you should look out for.  Public Health has created a easy to read guide to support you in the early stages of parenthood.  This guide gives advice of feeding your baby, how to sooth them and how to interact with your new born.


It's common knowledge that babies come with a lot of stuff and it can become overwhelming but we hope that this guide will breakdown what are necessities for you and your baby.