Seaton Carew Parking Charges

Seaton Carew – Temporary Parking Restrictions - Residents Only Parking Zones - Frequently Asked Questions

1st April - 31st October 2017

1. Who qualifies for a permit?

All residential properties within the identified areas have been provided with 2 free permits per household.

2. What are the different types of permit?

The permits provided are registered to your property. They cover your vehicle and any visitor’s vehicle, but are not transferable to other households.

3. How do I apply?

For the duration of the trial period, those properties identified will automatically be sent 2 free permits.  Should you require further permits these may be purchased by application to Customer Services at the Civic Centre, Victoria Road, Hartlepool TS24 8AY.  Telephone 01429 523331.

4. How much are the additional permits if I need more than the 2 free ones?

First permit: £5.00
Second permit: £10.00
Third permit: £20.00
Fourth permit: £30.00
Subsequent permits: £30.00

You will however need to submit vehicle documentation and agree to a proof of residency check should you require further permits

5. What if I lose or mislay my permit?

The permits will be replaced at a charge of £20.00.

6. What do I do if I change my vehicle?

The permits are registered to your property. They can be transferred into your new vehicle without prior notification.

7. What if I have a company vehicle?

The permits are registered to your property. They can be transferred into your company vehicle without prior notification.

8. Will the permit allow visitors to park in the residential zone indefinitely?

No.  Visitor permits are only valid for visiting the resident of the property for which the permit has been issued.  The permit will be deemed invalid once the visit ceases and the vehicle may be subject to a penalty charge notice.

9. Can I apply for a vehicle exemption instead of a parking permit?

No – The permits are intended to accommodate all resident parking requirements. Any additional parking needs in excess of this will be required to park elsewhere. 

10. Are there any circumstances where non-permit holders can park in a permit controlled zone?

An allowance of up to 10 minutes may be made to allow for loading and unloading/dropping off, etc.  In certain zones, there are also limited waiting areas.  Signs in the area will confirm the waiting allowance.

11. Will my permit allow me to park anywhere in Seaton?

Your permit only provides an exemption to park within the resident controlled street for which it has been issued and /or the adjacent permit controlled street. The permit will not provide any parking concessions in the following areas:

Limited stay disc control areas
On street pay and display only bays
Off street pay and display car parks
Statutory prohibition/ topping orders

12. I am a resident in a controlled zone, but I do not have a vehicle.  Do I still need to apply for a permit?

Any vehicle parking in the street will need a permit. You should keep your permit to accommodate any visitors you receive. You are not however able to transfer or give your permit to a neighbour as it is registered to your specific property.

13. Does a resident permit guarantee me a space outside of my house?

No.  The permit allows you to park in the marked bays in your street.  Bays are not allocated to individuals.

14. What if I can't get parked in my street?

If your street is full, you are permitted to park in the nearest adjacent street within the residential controlled zone. 

15. What happens if I forget to display my permit or the permit falls off the windscreen/dashboard?

The Civil Enforcement Officers examine vehicles for valid permits.  If the permit is not correctly displayed so that all the details can be read, they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice to the vehicle.

16. Can I lend my resident parking permit to a friend whilst they go to work?

No, visitors can only use your permit to visit you. If the Civil Enforcement Officer witnesses a driver leave the vehicle and not enter your property, he will still issue a penalty charge notice as this would invalidate the permit.

17. What happens if the permit is misused?

In reported cases of permit misuse, a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued and the permit may be withdrawn from the resident.

18. How much is the penalty charge?

It would depend on the contravention but routinely the charge would be £70.

19. Who would be responsible for paying a penalty charge?

Traffic law determines that the registered keeper of the vehicle is responsible for any PCN issued.

20. What are the hours of enforcement?

The temporary regulations will apply from 1st April 2017 to 31st October 2017 and will be in force 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm (including Sundays and Bank Holidays).

21. Why don't Civil Enforcement Officers knock on my door if they can't see a permit on my vehicle?

Civil Enforcement Officers are not instructed to do this.  It is the residents' responsibility to ensure that a valid permit is displayed in the vehicle.

22. Are there any concessions for blue badge holders?

Blue badge holders are permitted to park in a residents parking zone for up to 3 hours, so long as a valid badge and clock are clearly displayed.

23. Will businesses operating within the controlled zone qualify for permits?

Businesses have been provided with a maximum of 1 permit for this trial period. The majority of businesses are located on The Front and a limited number of dedicated spaces have been provided for their specific use. Thereafter business permit holders are permitted to park in designated areas of the resident permit zones.