Seaton Carew Parking Charges

Seaton Carew Residential Parking - Terms and Conditions of Issue

Temporary Parking Restrictions - 1st April to 31st October 2017

  1. The resident permit controlled parking scheme is a temporary experimental order that will apply from April 2017 – October 2017.
  2. The enforcement will apply between 8 am – 8pm, seven days per week and will include Sundays and Bank Holidays.
  3. Two permits will be provided to every registered residential property within the designated resident permit controlled scheme.
  4. Replacement permits will be charged at a cost of £20 per permit.
  5. Permits are registered to the property (not the vehicle) so the permit can be used to accommodate the vehicles registered to the property and any parking stay of visitors to the property.
  6. Additional resident/visitor permits (in excess of the 2 free permits registered to your address) can be requested at the following rates: First Permit £5.00; Second Permit £10.00; Third Permit £20.00; Fourth Permit £30.00; Subsequent Permits £30.00
  7. Applications for additional permits must be made by the householder.
  8. Any additional or replacement permit requests will be subject to the production of vehicle documentation evidence.
  9. Businesses located within the controlled zone have been provided with a maximum of 1 free business permit which can be used within the marked business permit areas or within designated areas of the resident controlled zone.
  10. Hartlepool Borough Council reserves the right to cancel/withdraw any permit issued.
  11. By displaying a valid permit within the vehicle the driver/householder accepts the terms and condition of issue and use.
  12. Permits are valid 7 days a week as follows for the duration of the trial period: Monday – Sunday between the hours 8:00am - 8:00pm, 1st April – 31st October 2017 (inclusive of Bank Holidays).
  13. Permits must be clearly displayed and visible for inspection by the Civil Enforcement Officer. 
  14. Permits are only valid in the parking bay or street of issue. If no space is available parking will be permitted in the nearest adjacent street. The permits will not be valid in any other controlled zone.
  15. Permits are registered to each property and are not transferable between households.
  16. Permits used by visitors are only valid when used for the purposes of visiting the address for which the permit has been issued. The permit will only remain valid for the duration of the visit and a Penalty Charge Notice could be issued if the driver / permit holder is not present at the appropriate property.
  17. Concessionary permits are issued to essential workers who are required to visit residents within the controlled parking zone. The concessionary permits will be routinely considered valid for a period of 2 hours. If a stay above this duration is required an exemption can be applied by telephoning 01429 523333. Thereafter and in the event a Penalty Charge Notice has been issued, written confirmation from a line manager would be required. The permit can only be used by the permit holder to visit a resident in connection with the purposes of business for which the permit has been issued. 
  18. Reported cases of misuse of the permit could result in the cancellation / non renewal of further requests to residents, organisations or individuals.
  19. Non compliance of the Traffic Regulation Orders will result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice by Civil Enforcement Officers under the jurisdiction of the Traffic Management Act 2004. This legislation places the responsibility for compliance of any restriction on the registered keeper of the vehicle. It is therefore the owner of the vehicle who would be directly responsible for any Penalty Charge Notice issued irrespective of whether they were responsible for the contravention.