Allotments in Hartlepool

Avian Influenza Prevention Zone

On 6 December 2016 the Government introduced an “Avian Influenza Prevention Zone” across the whole of the UK. The measures affect all allotment holders keeping poultry or other captive birds, including pigeons.  The restrictions in place until the 28 February have now been extended. Those flocks within the higher risk areas (which includes all allotment sites in Hartlepool) must continue to be housed either indoors or under fully netted structures to prevent direct and indirect contact with wild birds. Read the updated statement from Hartlepool Borough Council at

Keepers within the high risk areas must also take steps to reduce the risk of infection. These are:

  • Keep feed and water inside where they cannot be contaminated, feed birds inside and keep them away from standing water
  • Minimise movement in and out of your birds’ enclosure and clean footwear before and after visits.
  • Keep the area where your birds live clean and tidy, removing spilled feed.
  • Make sure you have effective vermin control in the area where your poultry are kept.
  • Put foot baths and a boot brush with a Defra-approved disinfectant at the entrance to all areas where birds are kept.

DEFRA have produced a leaflet for keepers of “backyard flocks” which can be downloaded from

More information on the measures imposed by the Prevention Zone and signs to look out for can be found at

You can read the Council’s statement about the control measures at