Seaside Safety

Before you go

It’s important to plan ahead before visiting the seaside to make sure the conditions are safe and suitable for the activities you are planning. Below are some of key points to consider before visiting any of Hartlepool's beaches:

Tide times and weather forcast

Whether you’re planning on sunbathing or wanting to go for a swim it’s important to be aware of the tide times and any weather warnings before heading to the beach. Remember:

  • A tide that is ebbing (going out) will make it more difficult to swim to shore, so always swim parallel to the shore.
  • Avoid rock pooling when the tide is flooding (coming in) as you may become stranded.
  • Beware of changing sea, tide, weather conditions and tidal cut-off, especially around the pier.
  • Tide times can be checked online at the Met Office website.

Read local hazard signage

Harzard signs are important to take notice of before you head onto the beach as these will tell you what you need to keep an eye for on that partiular beach - not all beaches will have the same hazards. 

Check the Council's social media 

If there are any important notices regarding Hartlepool's beaches, the Council's social media pages will be updated to inform the public so it is always worth checking them out before you head down to the beach.