Could you be a foster carer?

Do you have patience, understanding and a sense of humour?

Are you warm and nurturing?

Are you non judgemental and anti discriminatory in your outlook?


Are you a resilient person and able to cope with the extremes of emotions you will experience and the response they will demand of you?

Are you a good listener?

Can you communicate openly and honestly?

Can you be flexible but also capable of setting clear boundaries?

Would you welcome guidance and support?


Foster carers need to be:

· Able to provide a good standard of physical and emotional care to children and young people.

· A good listener and able to communicate positively with children and adults.

· Flexible and able to adapt to situations quickly.

· Positive about the child/young person’s family and help them to keep in contact with family members.

· Able to put in boundaries and routines and manage behaviours in a positive way.

· Energetic and motivated to support a child/young person through some challenging times.