Transferring to us from a fostering agency

If you’re already a foster carer with a provider other than Hartlepool Borough Council, you can transfer to us. By fostering with us you ensure that all of our financial resources go directly into supporting Hartlepool children, this is why we always aim to place all Hartlepool foster children with Hartlepool Borough Council foster carers.  Foster carers are more likely to have children placed with them with the Local Authority and the age range of the children requiring Local Authority foster carers will be 0-18 years.

You do not need to inform your fostering provider that you have approached us for an initial discussion around transferring. There is nothing wrong with gaining as much information as possible before making a firm decision. You can stay approved with your current agency until you are ready to be approved at our Fostering panel. There are many great benefits to fostering with Hartlepool Borough Council.

Lisa and Andrew transferred to Hartlepool after fostering for an agency for four years: "We now foster for Hartlepool Council and had previously been with an independent agency. 


Lisa and Andrew

"We had children placed from Hartlepool and the help and support from Hartlepool Borough Council staff was far and above our own agency. That is when we made the decision to move to Hartlepool Borough Council. We like the support and timely response to problems and issues that arise and not feeling like your just a number”.