6 Months to 1 Year


Introducing your baby to solid food should start when your baby is around 6 months. For the first six months babies only need breast milk (or infant formula milk).  Before this your babies digestive system is still developing, introducing solid food too early increases the risk of allergies and infections. Hartlepool health visiting service is here to help answer all your questions about weaning, click on the link below for lots of information on weaning:



Solid Food Weaning

First Foods

Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

Inspiration on healthy and tasty foods for children



From six months you can introduce a cup, using an open cup or a free-flow lidded beaker without a valve helps your baby to learn to sip rather than suck making it better for their teeth.  Click on the link below for information on drinks and cups for babies.


Drinks and Cups for Children

Should my Baby Use a Beaker or a Cup?