Complaints, Comments and Compliments

Hartlepool Borough Council aims to provide high quality services that meet the needs of local people. We want to make our services as efficient and effective as possible. To do this we need to know whether we're getting it right and how we can improve services for you.

  • If you are not satisfied with a service, tell us why not and what we can do to improve things.
  • If we are doing things really well, we'd like to hear about that too.
  • And we'd be interested to hear any suggestions you have for making Hartlepool Borough Council services even better.

We promise to listen carefully to what you have to say and respond promptly to your comments and complaints. Any information you provide will be treated confidentially. We aim to deal with any complaints impartially, objectively and professionally. Making a complaint will not affect the treatment or services that you or your family receive.

We will make every effort to resolve a complaint to the customer's satisfaction but if we are not able to do this, the customer can ask the Local Government Ombudsman to investigate their case.

If you wish to submit a complaint, comment or compliment to the Council you can do this via the on-line form, or by calling the Council, on 01429 266522.

Key Documents for Making a Complaint or Comment


Social Care Complaints

Social Care Complaints are treated differently than Corporate Complaints, due to the sensitivity and often complex nature of the services involved.  

Adult Social Care

Children's Social Care

Public Health Complaints,Compliments and Comments

This procedure sets out how we will deal with your complaints in line with the NHS Bodies and Local Authorities (Partnership Arrangements, Care Trusts, Public Health and Local Healthwatch) Regulations 2012 (the Regulations) which came into effect in April 2013. It also sets out how we will deal with your compliments and comments. Our aim is to resolve your complaint and if necessary put you back in the position you would have been in before having to make the complaint.

Public Health Complaints, Compliments and Comments Leaflet

Public Health Complaints, Compliments and Comments Procedure



Complaints about a School

Each school must have a procedure in place to deal with complaints.  Complaints procedures may vary from school to school but these should be made available upon request.  The Local Authority has no power to investigate a complaint about the internal management of a school.  Further information on school complaints can be obtained from the Department for Education at

Complaints about Council owned social rented housing

This policy applies to:

  • A person or persons who are or have been in a landlord/tenant relationship with the Hartlepool Borough Council Housing Management Service; or
  • Someone who has applied for a property owned by the Hartlepool Borough Council Housing Management Service (other than statutory allocations and applications for assistance from people who are homeless or threatened).

Housing Management Service Complaints Policy

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